Protecting your Home from Ice and Snow- A few quick and inexpensive things you can do today.

21 Jan 2016 · Lyn 

With snowmageddon on the horizon, we just wanted to share a few quick things you can do today to protect your home before the ice and snow hits tonight. We’ll also tell you about a few more time intensive projects that would be smart to tackle too.snow on houseProtect your pipes.  The most common cause of insurance claims in the US is froze pipes, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Quick Tips

  • Open your cabinet doors to let the air from your warm house travel around the pipes.
  • Turn on your faucet enough for a steady stream.
  • Remove garden hoses and install insulating domes over your exterior faucets. You can get these for less than $2 each at Lowe’s.

Bigger Project— If your home is on a basement or crawl space, wrap your pipes with foam insulation. Insulate windows and doors. In winter, heat loss through inefficient windows and doors can boost a building’s heating bill as much as 25%.

Quick Tips –

  • Light an incense stick and wave it around your windows. If the smoke is sucked out, you need to better insulate that window. You can do this quickly and easily with a tube of caulk.
  • For those with non-energy efficient windows, use shrink wrap window film. For less than $8, you can cover one large window and five small windows. These kits are sold at hardware stores.

Bigger Project- Check your insulation level in your attic. Consult a professional to determine how much insulation you’ll need. The EPA recommends 12-15 inches in colder climates. If you have older windows, consider changing them out for double pane energy efficient windows. Even if you haven’t adequately prepared your home for the freezing tips, just taking a few minutes and few dollars today can save you thousands. Stay warm!

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